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The kom people

In an area that is often rife with disputes, the Kom people of Cameroon live in harmony with neighbors and are well respected for their peace-loving tendencies. They cherish their culture, a prominent feature of which is their clothing. Unique and colorful, Kom traditional attire is believed to have influenced the national style.

The Kom people also love their language and have one of the highest mother-tongue literacy rates in the country.

Most of the population professes faith in Jesus. However, traditional religion has a strong influence, and some people take part in practices that conflict with religious beliefs.

But praise God that his word is making a difference! Since its completion in 2005, the Kom New Testament has been used enthusiastically in the community.

Engaging with the scripture has given people a hunger for more, and local churches are expressing the desire for Old Testament portions as well.

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Bibles in Cameroonian local languages
the Kom Bible project
The Plan

Your help is needed as a local team produces more of God’s word in the Kom language.

During the three-year project, staff have the following translation goals:

  • Translate Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, Ruth, 1-2 Samuel and Jonah.
  • Publish completed books in print, audio and digital formats.
  • Revise the Gospels. This will help bring alignment and consistency to the Old and New Testaments.

Additional goals will encourage engagement with scripture:

  • Train literacy and Sunday school teachers, and establish 10 church-based literacy classes each year.
  • Print literacy materials for those learning to read and write.
  • Distribute at least 200 SD cards containing digital Kom scripture every year.
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Chapters Revised
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Chapters Translated
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The impact

More Transformed Lives

A project adviser responded with these three words when asked about the anticipated impact of the Kom translation.

He went on to explain how Kom scripture will help Christians discern between good aspects of their culture and those that are contrary to the faith.

Kom church leaders are also eager for their people to learn from God’s word and be better equipped to share Biblical truths with others.

In addition, this work has the potential to produce an even wider impact. Since this is the first community-driven project in Cameroon, Staff are hopeful that it will pave the way for language projects to begin in other communities.

Moreover, several neighboring groups speak related languages and could use Kom scripture as a source from which to adapt their own translation.

Your prayers and gifts will help the Kom people access God’s Word in a language they clearly understand.

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the Kom Bible project

Ŋwàʼlɨ̀ Nzɨ̀tɨ 1

1) A n-læ nà ghɨ a nzɨ̀tɨ Fɨyini fɨ ɨ faytɨ ìyvɨ nɨ̀ nse. 2) A ghɨ tì mbzɨ ɨ ghɨ kɨ iyum, ɨlwêʼ ɨ bɨm ghɨ kɨ tèyn, abe-a fɨmà, ma mû luyn meyn kɨ̀ ɨlwêʼ ɨ̀jɨ̀m, Ayvɨs a Fɨyini-à ɨ jêl atû àteyn.

Ŋwàʼlɨ̀ 1 Samwèl

 “Atem à kema nɨn saŋlɨ̂ sɨ̂ và a Bôbo Fɨyini,
Ma tɨm meyn yɨ sɨ adyaʼ nɨ̀ và a Bôbo.”
Mà sɨ kelɨ ìwo sɨ bè sɨ̂ mbàynɨ̀ semsɨ lvɨ̂yn.
Mɨ n-saŋlɨ-à bòmta wà lìsì meyn ìwumi sɨ a ma atu…